8 Questions To Ask A Cabinet Painting Team Prior To Hiring Them

8 questions to ask a cabinet painting team in Fargo, ND before hiring them.

When all that is standing in the way of you and your dream kitchen is the color of your cabinetry, hiring a cabinet painting team is an excellent way to achieve the goals you have for the space. The key thing to remember when considering refinishing your cabinets is that having an improperly applied coating can spell disaster both for your day to day enjoyment of the kitchen and the overall value of your home. You want to hire someone who is experienced, has a great reputation, and applies the coating in a way that produces like-new results. 

We have compiled this list of 8 questions to ask a potential cabinet refinishing team prior to hiring them. Their answers will help you decide if you can confidently have them complete your project and provide results you are nothing short of thrilled with.

Question 1: Who will be on-site completing the project?

Ask your cabinet painting team in Fargo, ND "who will be on-site completing the project?"Depending on how the company in question is set up, the person providing you with the quote and walking you through the initial conversations may not be involved in executing the actual cabinet refinishing. Knowing who will be coming into your home to work on the project is key to trusting the end result. 

If you feel comfortable with the company and their process, knowing that their own team members are the ones working on the project is all the reassurance you need. But if the company uses a third-party contractor to do the work, this would be considered a red flag. If the coatings company is truly dedicated to quality and executing each phase of the project correctly, they will have their own team built out. Knowing that a reputable company is using a screening process to acquire their team will give you peace of mind that the people working in your home are dedicated to a phenomenal end result.

Question 2: How does your team apply the paint or stain?

Ask your cabinet painting team in Fargo, ND "how does your team apply the paint or stain?"If the answer to this question involves the words brush or roll – find yourself a different company to work with. No matter how many years someone has been in business or what their background may be, if they are using a paintbrush there will inevitably be streaks and stroke marks that ruin the overall finish of the cabinets and make the entire set of cabinets look unprofessionally done. 

Ideally the company will use a spray method for everything. They will more than likely take the drawers and door fronts off site to spray in a booth, and then properly tape everything off on site to spray the cabinet boxes, cabinet trim, and cabinet framing. Spraying provides a uniform finish that makes the entire cabinet system look like new.

Question 3: What steps will your team take to care for my home?

Ask your cabinet painting team in Fargo, ND "what steps will your team take to care for my home?"The answer to this question ties into our first answer, which highlights the importance of working with a company that hires team members they can trust. You want to make sure that the company in question has a plan in place for caring for your home while they are on-site. Some type of floor covering is key – and not just in the kitchen but in the pathway leading to it if everyone is wearing their shoes throughout. 

Also making sure that there is a process around protecting the walls and appliances while spraying the on-site components of the cabinet refinishing process is critically important. If there is not a clear cut plan in place for protecting these pieces of your home, find a company that has these things in place.

Question 4: Do you have any reviews or references I can contact?

Ask your cabinet painting team in Fargo, ND "do you have any reviews or references I can contact?"Ideally, the company will have reviews posted either on Google or on their website. You can read through these to get a feel for how customers felt about working with the company in questions. If you feel like you need further information, ask the company for references. They should have individuals in mind to connect you with, allowing you to feel confident in both the process and results. 

One additional thing to keep in mind when going through reviews or references is making sure that the reviews date back a little ways. If a past customer is still happy with their cabinet refinishing after a year, you can trust in the durability and longevity of the coating.

Question 5: What paint do you use?

Ask your cabinet painting team in Fargo, ND "what paint do you use?"With so many paint options to choose from, the cabinet coatings team should know exactly what type and blends of paint to us for durable, long-lasting cabinet coatings. Make sure that the paint or stain they use will hold up to cleaning and cooking.

Another key point here is the prep work involved prior to applying a coating. If the surface is properly prepped, the paint or stain will have the opportunity to adhere the way it should. Depending on what type of material your specific cabinets are made of, the paint type may need to change. If the company you are considering recommends going to a big box store to pick out a shade, you should consider a different option. The coatings type is not a one-size-fits-all option, and a reputable company will curate the coating to the project.

Question 6: Can I see your portfolio?

Ask your cabinet painting team in Fargo, ND "can I see your portfolio?"If the company has a portfolio you can look at, this will allow you the opportunity to review their work and see before and after examples of various projects. You might even find inspiration for the colors you want to use in your own space!

More importantly though, a well-rounded portfolio provides reassurance that the company has completed multiple projects and has an extensive background in cabinet refinishing. Close up photos within the portfolio will allow you to review the final finishes, and ensure there are no streaks or imperfections in the end result.

Question 7: How long has your business been operating?

Ask your cabinet painting team in Fargo, ND "how long has your business been operating?"When it comes to custom coatings, experience counts. Knowing how long the company has been completing cabinet refinishing projects is important for trusting the end result of the work. If a company has been in business for many years, they almost certainly have a detailed prep process and extensive knowledge on products to us and the best application methods. 

If a company has unhappy customers and poor results, they can’t stay operational! So a business that has been viable for many years is an excellent indicator that their work is exceptional.

Question 8: Is your team insured?

Ask your cabinet painting team in Fargo, ND "is your team insured?"You absolutely need the answer to this question prior to allowing any work to begin. Knowing that the company has valid insurance protects you in the case of any damages on site during the course of the project. 

Equally important is worker’s compensation insurance, as this protects both the team member if they get hurt and you. You do not want to be liable for any injuries incurred in your home, and a reputable company will have both types of insurance in place for their team.

Choosing a custom cabinet refinishing company is a big decision. With cabinets playing such an important role both in your day to day life and the value of your home, this is not a project you want to play fast and loose with. Hopefully these 8 questions allow you to get the answers you need to feel confident in who you choose to work with for your next cabinet painting or staining project!

If you are interested in learning more about how our team handles cabinet refinishing, or want to ask us any of these questions, visit our website! You can review our AUTHORICOAT process, see samples of our work, hear from past customers, and contact us via a form, email, or phone call.

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