Garage Floor Coatings Fargo, ND

Garage Floor Coatings Fargo, ND: Should I Coat my Garage Floor? Are you in love with your home, but then step out into the garage and feel a sense of dismay? Does the sight of dirty concrete, deep stains, and multiple cracks make you want to avoid the garage all

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Caring For Your Painted Woodwork

Caring For Your Painted Woodwork Painting the woodwork in your home has a transformational effect on the overall style and feel of the spaces. Taking a kitchen out of the Oak Ages and painting the cabinets a bright white or adding a pop of color creates a kitchen that feels

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Creating Cohesion With Your Wall Colors

Creating Cohesion With Your Wall Colors When painting the interior walls in your home during a home remodel, making color selections can be daunting. Do these colors go together? How do I accommodate my child’s desire for a neon wall color? What do I do in the hallways or on

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Choosing A Dark Kitchen Cabinet Color

Choosing A Dark Kitchen Cabinet Color Now that we are officially over a month into 2019, the design trends for the year are really starting to solidify. One that continues to come up everywhere – from websites to magazines to Pinterest boards – is dark kitchen cabinetry. According to Real

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Unique Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Process

Unique Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Process If you have laminate countertops, do you notice the slight overhang or lip on their edges? This seemingly innocuous touch can actually cause a significant issue when refinishing cabinets. Thanks to our decades of experience in painting cabinetry, we have learned the necessary steps to

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Inside The Shop

Inside The Shop We are taking you inside our shop with today’s post – showing you where we are applying our coatings when we aren’t on-site! While we are certainly outgrowing this space, we have developed clever organizational systems that help us keep things sorted and allow us to work

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Style And Safety

Style AND Safety Winter brings plenty of wonderful things to our region – beautiful snowfall, holiday traditions, and more time with family…just to name a few! But with all of that winter wonderland magic comes slippery conditions that can spell trouble if you are not prepared. One place you don’t

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Detailing The Authoricoat Difference

Detailing The AUTHORICOAT Difference We talk a lot about our proprietary AUTHORICOAT process. We reference it on our facebook page, throughout our website, and in talking to our clients. But what exactly does AUTHORICAOT do? Why is it such a substantial benefit for your coatings projects, and how does it

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P.R.O.F.I.T. Educational Series The motivations behind making changes in your home – from painting walls to gutting a kitchen – can vary significantly. Sometimes the change is something you have lived with for years, and are finally able to tackle. Other instances involve a new-to-you home that you want to

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More Than A Coating

More Than A Coating It can be difficult to understand the complexities involved in applying a custom coating. In fact, the preparation before any paint is even brought onsite is incredibly extensive. We go the extra mile to create an environment that allows for our proprietary application process, AUTHORICOAT, to

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