Committing To A Bright, Bold Wall Color

Bright, bold wall color in Fargo, ND.

Picking the perfect paint color for the different rooms in your home can be quite the challenge. Should each room have its own unique color scheme? Will a new color still tie in to the other features in the room, like built-ins or decor? And with literally thousands of colors to choose from, where in the world do you start? Neutral tones certainly have their place in a home, and these more subtle colors can allow for an art piece or colorful furniture item to really “pop”. But what about using the wall color itself as the ‘wow factor’ for a room? Making color choices is already a big decision, and deciding on a bolder option can feel a little intimidating. We are here to reassure you that bright, vibrant colors can be an incredible accent to everything from the laundry room to a bedroom!

Where bright colors go wrong is when you forget to take that tiny paint swatch and imagine it covering an entire wall. It is crucial to work with someone that can help find a hue that will provide a pop of color, not an obtrusive use of it. We have decades of experience working with a vast array of colors, and know how to select the shades that enhance – not invade – a space. The other component to successfully incorporating bright paint colors is to have them applied correctly. When edges are sloppy, or lines are blotchy and uneven, your eye is drawn to those problem areas rather than taking in the beautiful color. We use our AUTHORICOAT process to provide you that impeccable finish, and allow you the opportunity to enjoy a colorful palate in your home!

Follow along with the process, manage the selections you’ve made for your project, and easily communicate with your project manager from day one to day done.

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