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Confidence making remodeling choices in Moorhead, MN.

We recently wrapped up a project with our sister company, The Home Authority, and completed all of the coatings for a family’s whole-home remodel. Projects of this scale are incredibly exciting, but it can be difficult as the homeowner to puzzle out what colors would look best where, what shade will look best with the flooring choices, etc. etc. Understanding how to make these color decisions is no easy task, and we do everything we can to make these choices as easy as possible.

In the case of our latest project, the homeowners were debating between two different colors for the kitchen cabinets and island. Trying to make a final decision based on two tiny swatches was proving to be impossible, and the homeowners could not come to a choice they felt great about. In order to make things easier, we took two of the old cabinet doors we had removed from the kitchen and applied a coat of both colors to each door. We brought the doors back to the home, and hung them again so the homeowners could get a better feel for the colors in their space. They quickly came to a final choice thanks to this improved visual, and the end result was better than they could have envisioned. Our goal is not just to provide a seamless finish or a beautiful coat of paint, we also want to work with our clients to give them just as much confidence in the process as the end result.

Follow along with the process, manage the selections you’ve made for your project, and easily communicate with your project manager from day one to day done.

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