Unique Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Process

Our unique kitchen cabinet refinishing process in Moorhead, MN.

If you have laminate countertops, do you notice the slight overhang or lip on their edges? This seemingly innocuous touch can actually cause a significant issue when refinishing cabinets. Thanks to our decades of experience in painting cabinetry, we have learned the necessary steps to take no matter what kitchen we are working in, and are able to adapt to any scenario.

When we refinish cabinets in a kitchen with laminate countertops that are being replaced, we actually tackle the project a bit backwards. The countertop is replaced first due to the overhang, or lip, that can be found on many laminate tops. In order to spray the entirety of the cabinet box, we need that countertop taken off first – allowing us to access every square inch of the cabinets. It is details like these that make working with a professional for your cabinet refinishing key, and we love utilizing the proper techniques to ensure a quality finish no matter the project. 

Our AUTHORICOAT process ensures a factory-like finish no matter the surface we apply it to. Because we don’t cut any corners, we make sure every surface is equally accessible and prepped properly, providing you a like-new kitchen for a fraction of the price. Whether you have a laminate lip or are keeping existing countertops, we will bring your cabinetry vision to life.

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