Kitchen Island Fargo ND

By: Rachael Boyer

Mar 4, 2019


When we enter into remodel projects, we always make sure to do so with an open mind. Ideas that we have during the initial walkthrough may need modifications and tweaks to bring them to life once we actually get into the space. One of our current projects offers an excellent example of this need for thinking on our feet thanks to an interesting kitchen island challenge. After removing a constrictive wall that boxed in the kitchen and cut up the entire first floor layout, we needed an island that fit the space and also accommodated a pipe that could not be moved. Once we gathered our team together on-site to brainstorm, we went back to the drawing board and created an absolutely beautiful island design that is unlike anything we have ever seen!

This giant multi-purpose design fills the space perfectly, creates incredible functionality for both prep work and seating, and works seamlessly with that immovable pipe. Our refusal to accept subpar solutions, determination to take a challenge and turn it into an asset, and willingness to try and try again until we get it right results in unique design pieces like this island. We cannot wait to see it all come together!