Creating Cohesion With Your Wall Colors

When painting the interior walls in your home during a home remodel, making color selections can be daunting. Do these colors go together? How do I accommodate my child’s desire for a neon wall color? What do I do in the hallways or on the ceiling? With so many questions to answer – it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure. However, the process can actually be a smooth and enjoyable one if you pay attention to a few key factors, and work with a painting contractor that has insight into your unique home and the personalities within it.

Help making wall color choices for painting in Moorhead, MN.An excellent place to start is your “color constant”, or the shade that you are going to use in some shape or form throughout your home. This will be the paint you use in the entryway, the hallways, and into the main living space. It defines a flow into the home, and sets a backdrop for your accent colors. This color does not need to be overly basic, it simply needs to be neutral enough to allow the bolder selections to shine. Maybe your love of blues manifests itself as your color constant in the form of a gray-blue that allows the brighter shades to cohesively coexist. Or perhaps you want to go with a muted olive green that provides a jumping off point for additional earth-tones accents. No matter the exact shade, creating a single hue for this entry-hallway-main living space flow is key to accomplishing that cohesive feel.

Creating cohesion with wall color choice in Fargo, ND.Now that you have your first major color decision checked off the list, you will want to keep sight lines in mind as you move to additional rooms. When you can see your dining room and office from the kitchen, for example, you’ll want the wall colors to compliment each other – even if those walls don’t directly come into contact with one another. Because your eye will be taking in all of those shades at once, you want to avoid distinctly different or clashing colors in each room. When you are designing each specific room during the remodel process, it can be easy to forget the big picture, and make choices that might work within the walls of say, the dining room, and forget that the color you select looks terrible when viewed within the same sightline as the color you chose in the office. By maintaining a complimentary color palette, you will be sure to love how the house looks as a whole as well as within the walls of each room.

Using a bright shade of paint in the bathroom in Moorhead, MN.But what about the bold? If you are drawn to a wall color that makes a statement, even if that statement is a standalone one that does not compliment the main areas of your home, let yourself embrace those more impactful hues within rooms that have four walls and a door. The bathroom, for example, can be a fun place to play with a bright shade. This is where a child’s imagination can come to life too – as their room is removed from the design flow you are creating in the main living space. If you are battling with a child’s choice that is too out-there, say highlighter orange or a fluorescent magenta, find hues that are a more subdued version and then let him or her pick from there. Include them in the process, allowing them to feel a sense of ownership in the color of their space without giving in to something that is way out-of-the-box.

Using paint colors as accents in Fargo, ND.Another great way to embrace bright colors and also create cohesion is through accents. So even if you decide that a coral wall is not the best idea, but you are in love with that color for your interior design, put throw pillows on the living room couch in this vibrant hue. Add a table lamp with a coral base in the office. And hang a painting in the dining room that has a coral-driven palette. The idea behind wall paint is not to be boring or constantly neutral, it is simply a matter of picking shades that compliment the overall aesthetic, work well together, and create a beautiful backdrop for the accessories you choose to bring into the spaces.

Are you looking to add color to your walls? Or maybe you are stuck with a color that is not at all what suits you and your family, and you need suggestions for how to best cover it. The Coatings Authority is your answer for not only the best in quality coatings, but in providing advice garnered from two decades experience working with a multitude of families. Our AUTHORICOAT process ensures that no matter what colors you choose, your surfaces will be properly prepped, the best paint blend will be used, and the end result will look simply stunning and stand up to the test of time.

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