Now is the time to finance your project

Financing is Available for all Authority Companies Projects

Create your Dream Home with Affordable Monthly Payments

We will hold your hand through the financing process with multiple financing options to choose from:

Option One:

Renovation Financing

  • Can be used for renovation only
  • Uses the after-repair appraised value of your home
  • Requires bids, plans, and specs
  • We work with one of our banking partners and they provide up to 95% of the after-repair appraised value of your project

Option Two:

Renovation Line of Credit

  • Can be used for renovation only
  • After-repair appraised value line of credit with our bank partners
  • Borrow up to 90% of the after-repair appraised value in a line of credit

Option Three:​

Internal Financing​

  • Can be used for renovation, furniture/decor, cabinets, and custom coatings
  • Uses a third party vendor
  • Unsecured personal loan
  • 0% Interest Financing Options
  • Soft credit pull only for initial inquiry
  • Up to 24 vendors that provide options for financing

Option Four:​

Home Construction Loan​

  • Can be used for renovation or build only
  • Used when project reaches more than 50% of the value of the home
  • If you are a new addition or new build, this is the option for you

What are the Benefits of Financing Your Remodel?

  • Turn a large, one-time payment into an affordable monthly payment with a set end-date.
  • Use your home equity to your advantage and maintain control of your optimal financial position.
  • Get your remodel started quickly, without weeks of meetings with banks, home appraisals, or paperwork.
  • Have security in a changing economy by preserving your savings and home equity with a low monthly payment.

We will customize your financial package with you to help make the best possible decision for you and your family

The Authority Companies

Now is the time to truly enjoy your home - and bring your family together in spaces you love.

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