Why is a Proprietary Process Important?

Custom coatings projects encompass a large surface area in your home. Whether you're having your entire garage floor coated, painting a room, or refinishing all of your kitchen cabinets - you don't want to deal with an improperly applied coating every time you interact with these spaces. Our [AUTHORI]coat process prevents:

  • DIY disasters
  • Improperly applied coatings that chip and flake off
  • Uneven product application
  • Losing value in your home

Surface Preparation Provides a Blank Canvas

A brand new surface is easy to apply a custom coating to - whether it be a wall, cabinet, or floor. Without years of wear and tear (and grease and grime!) the coating goes on smooth thanks to the natural surface. But what about a years-old surface?

  • The first key component of our [AUTHORI]coat process is getting the surface back to its bare-bones, like-new status. This allows the new coating to properly adhere to the surface and results in a finish that looks fantastic while also being durable and long-lasting.
  • Because every space is different, and the surface condition varies, we don't have a one-size-fits-all surface prep system. We assess each unique surface and plan our prep process accordingly.

Coatings Products as Unique as Your Home

We're not running to the hardware store to grab buckets of paint or stain and bringing them to the job site. We create custom blends by mixing products, using the most innovative techniques to provide phenomenal results.

  • Through our decades of experience, we have figured out what custom paint blends move through our sprayers the smoothest, and coat the surfaces in a way that creates a look that is both aesthetically pleasing and durable.
  • Our dedication to innovation means we are able to offer you the latest and greatest in coatings products, and give you the widest variety of options to choose from.

Edging And Clean Lines for a Factory-Like Finish

We utilize a multi-step taping process to produce clean lines and edges you have to see to believe! From floor coatings to cabinets, our attention to detail is second to none.

  • The materials we use for taping and the subsequent process we employ gives you a result that looks brand new. The goal is to not just transform the item we are coating, but the entire space around it - something that isn't achieved by sloppy edge work and uneven lines. You'll achieve a completely transformed space thanks to our dedication to detail!

Our [AUTHORI]coat process is used for every coatings project we complete.

Surface preparation, Coatings Products, and Edging + Clean Lines are the core tenants of this proprietary system, resulting in custom coatings that both look and function beautifully (and you deserve nothing less!) We are proud to utilize this system backed by over two decades of experience.

Let’s Transform Your Space!

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