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concrete coatings

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We will work with you to determine if our in-house financing or community banking partners provide you with the best option to confidently tackle the financial aspect of your project.

Anything and Everything Concrete Coatings

Our team can bring about a major transformation with the use of a wide variety of custom coatings.

concrete coatings
concrete coatings
concrete coatings

Concrete Coating Uses

Garage Floor Coatings, Finished Basements, Interior Concrete Floors, Commercial Spaces, Industrial Floor Systems, Wall Systems, and more!

Our Services

Concrete polishing, Concrete Staining, Epoxy Coatings, Polyaspartic & Polyurea Coatings, Microtoppings, Vinyl Chip, Quartz, Fas Top Concrete System, BioFlake Decorative Wall System, Saniflex Interior Wall System

How We Ensure A Lasting Finish

Shotblasting, Grinding, Seamless Floor Preparation, Concrete Restoration Techniques

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Combine Concrete Coatings with Custom Storage Solutions

Our sister company - Cabinet Authority, Inc. - provides garage cabinet and storage solutions for any Coatings Authority concrete coatings project.

  • Add beautiful, durable cabinetry that can handle any project or storage need
  • Incorporate slat walls for additional storage with a variety of hooks and baskets to choose from
  • Install a motorized lift for tote storage to increase your usable square footage
  • Add racks for hanging bikes or golf gear

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Custom Coatings for Any Room in Your Home

  • Garage Floors
  • Garage/Utility Steps
  • Three-Season Porches
  • Basements
  • Utility Rooms
  • Patios

Transforming your concrete surfaces with professional coatings brings a myriad of advantages. Foremost, it fortifies against wear, tear, and weathering, extending the life of your floors. The meticulous application ensures a seamless, durable finish, resistant to stains and chemicals. Beyond protection, professionals offer a spectrum of aesthetic choices, enabling you to customize your space with various colors, textures, and patterns. The expertise of a skilled team ensures a precise application, minimizing errors and maximizing the coating's effectiveness. With professional concrete coatings, you not only enhance the visual appeal of your surfaces but also invest in long-lasting resilience, creating a polished and enduring foundation.