P.R.O.F.I.T. Series 1

By: Rachael Boyer

Mar 5, 2018


P.R.O.F.I.T. Series – Plan Remodel Outcomes From Investment Together

Welcome to our first ever educational series! We will be sharing insight into obtaining a positive return on investment when remodeling your home, and we have a real life example to demonstrate our points as we move through this 4-part series. We also want to focus on weaving your own tastes and style into achieving that return on investment, allowing you to both love the space and profit from it should you need to sell. Let’s get started!

We will be moving through each segment in a Question and Answer format. First Question…

Why should I consider the value when remodeling?

When undertaking a remodel project, more often than not there is a belief that you will be in the home for an incredibly long time. It is therefore very easy to justify putting whatever it is you want in the spaces, making design choices based solely upon your personal taste. However….Life Happens. And should you need to sell your home for unforeseen reasons, you want to ensure that you have maximum value in your home. What we believe in providing is a balance – allowing you to achieve and enjoy the feeling you desire, while also providing a level of general appeal should you need to sell.

How can I still make the space my own while considering resale?

A core part of our philosophy as a remodeling business is providing you a space that speaks to you and your family, and is unique to the aesthetic and purpose you desire. What we have done for the past two decades is create that one-of-a-kind feel while simultaneously balancing the potential resale factor. Our team of experts is able to provide insight into what is both popular and lasting in terms of trends, and we can take this information and blend it with the style you seek.

How can I trust THA to consider both my voice and ROI?

Our example for this ROI series speaks to this point better than anything else we could say to answer this question. We were able to give this family durable options for functionality, design choices that spoke to the rustic feeling they sought to bring into their home, while still maintaining a general appeal to give them that value back out of the project. The before photos that accompany this post show where we started. As we look into more detail re: making choices throughout your remodel, we will share accompanying ‘after’ photos that speak to those choices.

STAY TUNED for the next topic in our series – How remodeling increases value from a real estate perspective.

At the end of our series we will reveal the value increase of this project – truly showcasing this family’s Return on Investment!