What is Your Interior Design Style?

By: Rachael Boyer

May 5, 2023

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Choosing the design style for your home is an exciting and personal decision. Your home is a reflection of your personality, taste, and lifestyle - and the design style you choose will impact the way you feel in your space. With so many design styles to choose from, it can be overwhelming to narrow down your options. However, with some guided self-reflection (and the help of a design team!) you can find the perfect design style for your home.

We have five tips to guide the process in thinking about what design style speaks to you. When you approach an interior designer or home remodeling contractor, it's helpful to have an idea about the styles you are drawn towards - but don't feel pressured to have every little nuance figured out. That's what the professionals are here for!

Tip #1: Consider Your Lifestyle

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When choosing your home design style, it's important to consider your lifestyle. Do you have kids or pets? Do you entertain often? Do you prefer a minimalist or maximalist approach to decor? Your lifestyle can greatly impact the design style you choose. For example, if you have kids or pets, you may want to opt for a more durable and easy-to-clean design style, such as Industrial or Farmhouse. If you love to entertain, a more luxurious and glamorous style, such as Hollywood Regency or Art Deco, may be more up your alley.

Tip #2: Identify Your Personal Style


Your personal style is another key factor in choosing your home design style. Think about your wardrobe, your favorite colors, and the types of art and decor you're drawn to. Do you prefer clean lines and neutral colors, or bold patterns and bright hues? Do you like vintage or modern styles? Identifying your personal style can help you narrow down your options and find a home design style that speaks to you.

Tip #3: Research Home Design Styles

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There are many different design styles to choose from, each with its own unique characteristics and features. Some of the most popular design styles include:

  • Modern: characterized by clean lines, minimalism, and a focus on functionality
  • Traditional: characterized by ornate details, warm colors, and classic furniture pieces
  • Industrial: characterized by raw materials, exposed pipes, and a focus on utility
  • Farmhouse: characterized by rustic charm, shiplap walls, and vintage decor
  • Scandinavian: characterized by light colors, natural materials, and a focus on simplicity
  • Bohemian: characterized by bright colors, patterns, and eclectic decor pieces
  • Mid-century modern: characterized by sleek lines, geometric shapes, and retro-inspired furniture

Researching different design styles can help you get a better idea of what you're drawn to and what will work best in your home.

Tip #4: Consider Your Home's Architecture

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Your home's architecture can also play a role in choosing your design style. For example, if you live in a mid-century modern home, a mid-century modern design style may be the perfect complement to the existing architecture. On the other hand, if you live in a Victorian-style home, a traditional or vintage-inspired design style may be more fitting. If you live in a home that has an architectural design that does not speak to you and your family's preferences, work with a remodeling and design team that can help make overcome those architectural hurdles to bring your ideal interior design to life.

Tip #5: Think About Your Budget

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Your budget is another important factor to consider when choosing your home design style. Some design styles, such as Hollywood Regency or Art Deco, can be more expensive due to the use of luxury materials and intricate details. Other design styles, such as minimalist or industrial, can be more budget-friendly due to the use of simple materials and a focus on functionality. It's important to choose a design style that fits within your budget and allows you to create a comfortable and beautiful home.

Choosing your home design style is a personal and exciting decision that requires a little research and self-reflection. By considering your lifestyle, personal style, home's architecture, and budget, you can find the perfect design style for your home that reflects your personality, taste, and lifestyle. Remember, your home is a place that should feel like a sanctuary for you and your family - and you want to create an environment that allows you to fully be yourself.

No matter what interior design style you choose to bring to life in your home, work with a team that can help you flush out the details, make specific selections for your spaces, and guide you through the process of fully uncovering your home design tastes and implementing them throughout your home! Contact our team to learn more about how we can help your interior design dreams come true.