Coating your garage floor in Moorhead, MN.

Garage Floor Coatings Fargo, ND: Should I Coat my Garage Floor?

Should I coat my garage floor in Moorhead, MN?

Are you in love with your home, but then step out into the garage and feel a sense of dismay? Does the sight of dirty concrete, deep stains, and multiple cracks make you want to avoid the garage all together? Do you rush to close your garage door, even in the spring and summer seasons, because you are hoping no one will notice your filthy garage floors? 

We understand. The standard garage floor that comes with most homes is a bit abysmal. It is not built to be durable, it does not look finished, and it can detract from what is otherwise a beautiful home. 

Coating your garage floor with a quality material can add significant value to your home. However, there are one too many DIY nightmare stories of trying to spread self-leveling epoxy around with a broom to inspire much confidence in making that custom coating idea a reality. 

Working with a professional who has years of experience with custom coatings, has been trained both in proper surface preparation and the handling of the variety of coatings options available, is key to producing a garage floor that you will want to show off. 

We have compiled a list of the benefits of coating your garage floor so you can see for yourself why this can be an incredible asset for your home. Follow along below! 

A Coating will Protect the Floor Surface

Coating your garage in Moorhead, MN will protect the floor surface.

Garage floors are high-traffic areas, for both wheels and feet. Here in the Fargo, ND region, water and ice caused by the freeze/thaw cycle cause the basic concrete slab to deteriorate over time. And spills from filling up the snowblower with motor oil or adding gasoline to the lawn mower tank not only leave unsightly stains – they too are deteriorating culprits. With so many factors to contend with, maintaining the look and durability of a standard garage floor becomes downright impossible. 

Did you know that polyurea and epoxy coating products are specifically designed to strengthen the surface they are applied to? This helps prevent negative impacts from those pesky spills and stains, along with the harsh winter weather conditions we know all too well. Thanks to the engineering work put into the development of these products, a floor that is resistant to cracks, corrosion, chipping, and more is actually possible.

Your Garage Can Actually be Beautiful

Your garage in Moorhead, MN can be beautiful.

With the development and advancement of floor coating products comes an incredible variety of design options. From swirly patterns to multi-colored chips – it really is possible to have a say in the design of your garage floor coating. You can create a room that you actually want to spend time in, and increase the value of your home in the process. Whether you use the garage solely for storage, want to create a workshop area, or are looking to host events out of the space, having the option to have a floor coating that you actually want to look at is important.

Your Garage Should be Low-Maintenance!

Your garage in Moorhead, MN should be low maintenance.

When you have projects to accomplish, or just warm weather to enjoy, the last thing you want to worry about is maintaining your garage floor coating. Rather than concerning yourself with a deteriorating concrete slab, enjoy a surface that simply requires a quick mop to make it look like new again. Gone are the days of attempting to patch and repair missing chunks of old concrete – truly enjoy a custom coating that you don’t need to maintain!

Be Safe

Make your garage in Moorhead, MN safe.

There are already enough hazards to navigate when walking around in the middle of a Fargo, ND winter – from unexpected ice chunks to trip on, to patches of glare ice to slip on. Don’t look at your garage floor as another surface to cautiously cross. Quality garage floor coatings are slip resistant, providing the grip necessary to feel safe and comfortable walking from the car to your house.

As we start to emerge from the winter chill and into the springtime thaw, are you ready to add value to your garage with a beautiful custom coating? 

We offer a multitude of design options, the very best in surface preparation, and unbeatable quality that will allow you to enjoy your garage floors for years to come. 

Fill out our Concrete Coatings Project Form through the link here to start the process! We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Follow along with the process, manage the selections you’ve made for your project, and easily communicate with your project manager from day one to day done.

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