4 Painted Cabinet Ideas

Painted cabinet ideas in Fargo, ND.

Is it time to update your kitchen? Are you ready for a new aesthetic in your space but aren’t sure how to best accomplish it? Painting your kitchen cabinets is an excellent way to either breathe new life into an existing space or add character and personality to a set of new cabinets. Whether you prefer a clean white, a neutral gray, or a bold pop of color – painted cabinets are an exciting element to incorporate into your kitchen. With over 25 years of cabinet refinishing under our belt, we have seen it all when it comes to painted cabinet design, and wanted to share 4 fantastic ideas for upgrading your kitchen via painted cabinets!

One: Bright, Clean White

Painted cabinet ideas in Fargo, ND: Bright, clean white

Are you trying to brighten up your kitchen that doesn’t get a lot of natural light? Does the sparkling clean blank canvas white provides appeal to you? Choosing a white color for your painted cabinets provides flexibility in the additional design elements you choose to incorporate. It is also the best choice for creating the illusion of a bigger space, as white reflects light and makes a smaller layout seem more spacious. 

The key to successfully implementing white cabinetry is choosing the right tone of white. If your flooring leans more gray, choosing a cooler undertone is best. If you have a warmer floor color, you’ll want to select something that has more of a yellow undertone. Make sure that you remember to carry these tonal choices over into your paint color and countertop choices so that everything flows cohesively.

Two: Bold Pop of Color

Painted cabinet ideas in Fargo, ND: Bold pop of color

Make a statement in your kitchen by painting your cabinets a bold color. Whether you are drawn to jewel tones, deep colors, or a vibrant shade – adding a color is an excellent way to put your personality into the kitchen cabinets. Some muted colors can be used as a neutral, allowing you to still play with additional colors throughout the additional kitchen decor. Bright colors may limit the additional design elements you incorporate, but could make enough of a statement on its own. 

Layout and size of the space are key factors to consider when it comes to putting color on the cabinets. If you are wanting a bold color but are dealing with a small space, you might consider only using the color on the base cabinets and going with a shade of white for the uppers. Or if you are hesitant to put the color on every cabinet, but still want to incorporate a pop of color, painting the island a bright shade and leaving the additional cabinets a neutral might be your best bet.

Three: Keep it Neutral with Gray

Painted cabinet ideas in Fargo, ND: Keep it neutral with gray

Gray can lean both warm and and cool – making it a versatile neutral option for your kitchen cabinets. Once seen as a dull color, gray has become a staple in kitchen design – and provides you the flexibility to add additional design elements that make a statement while complimenting the gray backdrop. Gray can also be very practical if you have young children or pets who are prone to dirtying up the cabinetry – making white cabinets a high maintenance option. Gray can hide the grime more easily, and is still an exciting neutral choice. 

Gray lends itself to a variety of different design aesthetics, and the hue you choose can compliment everything from farmhouse to ultra modern. Just as we discussed with the pop of color option, you’ll want to be mindful of your kitchen’s natural light exposure and footprint to make sure that you are not choosing a shade that is too dark and ultimately makes your space feel smaller or more closed in. By making the right hue selection, gray can be a timeless shade that will stay relevant for years to come.

Four: Mix Paint and Stain

Painted cabinet ideas in Fargo, ND: Mix paint and stain

Do you love the warmth of stained wood, but don’t love the idea of having it everywhere in your kitchen? Mixing painted cabinetry with a stained element is a great way to embrace the natural beauty of wood while balancing a more modern feel with additional painted cabinets. A very common implementation of this idea is a stained island with painted cabinets. Stained base cabinets and painted uppers is another fantastic way to tackle this blend of styles. 

If you have stained baseboards and casing throughout your home, and aren’t wanting to have all of that refinished to tie into your painted kitchen cabinets, consider having the stained element tie into that trim work and paint the remaining cabinets – allowing you to get the updated look you desire without having to tackle another major project simultaneously.

Painted cabinet ideas in Moorhead, MN.

Painting your cabinets is an excellent way to update your kitchen without tackling a complete gut job. So long as your cabinets are in good shape, there are a multitude of ways to bring personality into your kitchen via a neutral or bold color. No matter which direction you go design-wise, make sure the cabinet refinishing job is done right the first time so you are not stuck with chipped paint or brush marks on your cabinetry. When applied correctly, painted cabinets can make the entire space look brand new!

Follow along with the process, manage the selections you’ve made for your project, and easily communicate with your project manager from day one to day done.

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