So Many Exciting Up And Coming Trends!

By: Rachael Boyer

Mar 2, 2020


While there are still a few months left of 2020, this is the time that we start to see emerging trends for the coming year. And there are some incredibly exciting ones that we cannot wait to see incorporated into both our remodel and new build projects! While we encourage every homeowner we work with to make decisions based on their unique family and home, it is always fun to see what design elements are up and coming.

Let's Start With A Color That Is Rising Back Up The Popularity Ranks - Brown!

While brown might not be the first color you’d imagine putting on your walls, it is actually earth tones in general that are making a come back. Sandy shades, taupes, and beige are all providing more warmth to spaces throughout the home – and can be used on everything from wall color to cabinet coatings to accents. While grays are certainly still popular, many homeowners are choosing a gray with a brown undertown to create a warmer aesthetic.


Next Is The Jewel Tone Color Spectrum!

Jewel tones are a rich, colorful alternative to the dominance of white we’ve seen – particularly in the kitchen. And while we don’t see white cabinets going anywhere soon, it has been fun to incorporate jewel toned cabinet coatings in some of our recent projects. And this color palette isn’t just for the cabinets – we are seeing these beautiful colors incorporated via tile, accent walls, and upholstery. Even a mix of jewel tones can be stunning when executed correctly.

Lighter Wood? Yes Please!

Wood will always be a popular inclusion in any home design – but the popularity of stain shades is ever-changing. Coming up, we expect to see lighter shades of wood making a statement – specifically when it comes to cabinets and flooring. This more organic feel is perhaps linked to an increased interest in green building and heading in a natural direction when it comes to the materials incorporated into home projects. No matter the reason behind it, light wood tones are in the spotlight!


Handcrafted Tile Is Having A Moment

The handmade aesthetic is huge, and has been for a while now, but the handcrafted tile is currently seeing a major popularity surge. But what is handmade tile? It shows off the unique quirks and features of the material and its maker – creating an accent that screams personality over perfection. Even simple shapes and colors can transform into something incredibly unique when utilizing handcrafted tile – providing homeowners the chance to have one of a kind accents via their kitchen backsplashes or tiles showers.

Natural Materials Continue To Grow In Popularity

While engineered materials have their benefits, namely in the form of durability and ease of maintenance, people are moving back to the organic look and feel of natural materials. Interest in how things will wear over time, and a desire to naturally see that wear vs. trying to constantly hide it, is growing – and creating beautiful spaces that age organically. Considerations around indoor air quality and health are also growing – with increased awareness on the effect the materials we use inside our home have on overall health.


Comfy, Curvy Furniture Is Here

For the longest time we have seen straight lines, crisp clean corners, and angular pieces dominating the furniture scene. But now, curvy furniture is having its moment and creating a fun, whimsical feel via couches, chairs, and coffee tables. Even light fixtures are in on the trend, with interesting curves and exciting shapes allowing for fun accents that work in any room.

Ultimately, the decisions you make for your home’s design should be rooted in what works best for you and your family. But gleaning inspiration from trends is a fun way to update your spaces and consider ideas you may not have thought of! No matter what design decisions you make for your home, make sure that you work with a contractor that will hear your vision, help you hone and perfect it, and implement it in a way that works best for your unique home. To learn more about how we tackle home projects, check out our Process Page!